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Stranded in Paradise

Flower in a mystic forest

August 18/Day 32. Today I had planned to drive up and down the coast highway to visit the many viewpoints and beaches nearby. Without my truck, however, I’m obliged to remain in camp and enjoy Beverly Beach and the forest.

And why not? It’s unlikely there’s a more delightful place to be. I spend a lot of time wandering aimlessly across the broad sandy beach, from the surf’s edge to the cliffs that form a seawall a hundred or more yards to landward. It’s windy again today and only 63 degrees. When I reenter the forest the wind is obstructed by the trees, but it feels even cooler than 63 because of the deep green shady understory. The tops of the tall spruces still sway in the breeze, but all is calm below.

Late this afternoon the Ford dealer calls to say my truck is ready and they send a porter out to the park to pick me up. The check engine light turns out to be a stuck EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve. I’m relieved to have that taken care of, as my biggest fear is to be marooned in the middle of nowhere with a truck problem only a dealer has the expertise to fix.

Spencer Creek exits the forestTomorrow I pack up and move down the coast 125 miles to Bullard’s Beach State Park.


SUPERFLUOUS DATUM: It is illegal in the state of Oregon to pump your own gasoline. You can pump your own diesel, however. All filling stations have attendants who pump gas for you, but are happy to stand around with their hands in their pockets as you pump your own diesel. What it is about the west coast that makes people dream up these zany laws?

Forest understory

Walkway from forest to beach. The bridge is Highway101

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