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On the mend and rarin’ to go

August 4. I feel like my foot, though somewhat better, still isn’t ready for the stress of any real hikes—though I have several in mind. I want to be sure I’m 100% when I get to Glacier National Park 5 days from now; I’ll continue to rest it today.

So this morning I settle about some mundane tasks: washing out my woolen hiking socks, charging the house batteries with the generator, checking tire pressures and oil level, gluing together the broken tail light lens on the trailer, etc. I remove the bicycle from its rack on the trailer ladder and take a spin through the campground which, at over 200 sites, is large. Probably at least 80% of sites are vacated every day and new campers move in. It’s a kaleidoscopic show.

Speaking of campers, I’ve walked down a row of parked cars at the visitor center and counted 18 before I see a duplicate state license plate (not many Texans here, I’m surprised.) There are copious foreigners: Germans, who tend to travel as couples or families; French, who do likewise; and

Gibbon Falls

Japanese—lots of Japanese—who mostly move in herds like bison. Oh, and lots of motor-bikers, who represent a subculture of their own and also exhibit a herding instinct, sometimes migrating in groups of 40-50. I hear British and Australian accents, as well as Arabic and some Eastern European languages. Probably Chinese and Korean, too, though my ear can’t distinguish them.

But I veered off topic again. I build a large salad for late lunch, enjoy a short siesta, then decide to make a quick drive to Gibbon Falls, about six miles up the road. Turns out the falls are nice, but rather average for this part of the country. I drive a bit farther to Firehouse Falls but at 84 feet they’re in the same category as Gibbon—pretty but unspectacular.

My gimpy foot is feeling a lot sturdier by this evening, so tomorrow I plan a hike to Fairy Falls. We’ll see how it goes.

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