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Technology is like water

July 26. If you’ve ever lived in a house that’s serviced by its own water well, you know the consternation that instantly arises when the well goes out. Bathing, cooking, cleaning and toilet flushing are suddenly impossible. No coffee in the morning; teeth to brush; plants to water. Then there’s livestock, completely reliant on us, and they consume lots of water. Our faith that when we turn the tap water will emerge is total.

Same with technology. Cut off the information spigot and we flounder helplessly. Without really realizing it, our immersion in technology is as total as our reliance on the water well.

For several hours today I’ve been sitting awkwardly in my truck trying to pull in a weak wifi signal so I can research in-depth the inner workings of the iPhone file system, a secret purposely withheld by Apple to cheat its customers of the full use of their devices.

Conditions for this work are not ideal. There is lots to google and plenty of consequent bullshit to sift through and discard. There are utility files for both iPhone and PC to find, download, install and configure. All at the mercy of an intermittent, and at best, cranky internet connection.

All my attempts to retrieve the lost Cub Lake photos have so far ended in failure. At least, however, it’s given me a chance to recoup physically from yesterday’s hike as well as return to my campsite in time to cook up some nice grilled chicken and steamed broccoli.

I have no idea how it came to be, but without technology…I’m a fish out of water.

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