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Last day in Colorado

July 28. Today is prep day for the next leg of my journey. With my generator, I’m charging up the house batteries. Tire pressures need to be checked. I’ve washed my woolen hiking socks in the galley sink and hung them out to dry. Things that have been strewn around the fifth wheel need to be stowed in their secure locations.

One last trip to Estes Park to pick up some fresh produce is probably in order; I’m finding that the many canned goods I’ve brought along—actually, emergency rations—are not very appealing. Which is probably a good thing.

Early tomorrow morning I’ll hitch up the fifth wheel, drive to the park dump station to flush the gray and black tanks and refill the fresh water tank. Then I’ll start the drive to Yellowstone, which at about 700 miles, I plan to divide into two days.

So tomorrow once more up Trail Ridge Drive, this time pulling the fifth wheel (should be interesting.) But this time I’ll bypass the Alpine Visitor Center at the top and descend the western flank of the park, then pass through Granby, Steamboat Springs, Craig and beyond. I should be somewhere in Wyoming by tomorrow night, but I have no idea where. I’ve left that to chance.

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  1. wilson
    July 29, 2011 at 6:30 am

    You’re haviing too much fun. I just checked my email ( I’ve been busy with house painting and medical appointments )
    i enjoyed reading your blog if that’s the approprate word. You write excellent narratives and throw in humor. I’m just pissed,because I’m not there to share the experiences you are having.Just keep on trucking.

  2. Gail and Chester
    July 29, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Hi Brian, finally got a chance to look in on your journey. We enjoyed a little respite from the heat (some predictions of 108 degrees Monday) through your pics and mountain commentary. Almost got rain from storm Don…maybe we’ll sail the cat tomorrow. Keep having a good time – looks wonderful.
    Gail & Chester

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