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Final Preparations

My home away from home for the next few months.

I’ve been thinking about it for years. Decades. Well, actually, my whole life. And now that the stars have aligned and the Oracle has spoken, I am at T minus 24 hours before leaving on a 7,000 mile Grand Circle of the American West. Traveling solo, I expect to be away from home and family for about 10 weeks.

It’s a little intimidating. That’s a lot of windshield time, even for an inveterate driver like me. Planning–without overplanning–is crucial. I’ve been in various stages of preparation for a year. I prefer to set a basic itinerary but still want plenty of opportunity to get out there and just follow my nose. After all, you can’t get lost if you don’t care where you’re going.

What have I been doing for the past year? Making sure the camper is tuned up; settling on a GPS solution; making lists of must-have take-alongs (you know:  jumper cables, bailing wire, duct tape, hammer); learning  to operate my camera in creative/manual mode; familiarizing myself with a new wide-angle lens; reading up on local history and points of interest along the way; thinking about communication to home; estimating costs; getting the truck inspected and serviced; finalizing my will; acquiring enough medication to last an extended period; developing an itinerary; loading the camper–all these have now been dealt with with increasing urgency as liftoff approaches. Finally, I’m reading to roll.

NOTE: As you may notice, if you click on a picture you’ll get a larger version of it.

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